Feel The Direct Primary Care Difference

Healthcare reform that actually works

Are you tired of paying outrageous health insurance premiums, only to be refused for service or billed for additional procedures when you need medical care? Getting the help you need shouldn’t have to be stressful, which is why Zenith Family Health of Lehi specializes in Direct Primary Care through our partnership with Zenith Direct Care

A Direct Primary Care membership takes the insurance company out of the equation, saving customers time, money, and frustration. Instead of paying monthly premiums to your health insurance company, you can become a member of Zenith Direct Care, and pay a low monthly amount for great medical care. 

In partnership with Zenith Family Health

In partnership with Zenith Family Health, your
Zenith Direct Care membership offers an incredible range of services, helping you and your family to stay healthy. Membership offers an amazing amount of care for a low monthly price – perfect for large families concerned about the financial impact of traditional health insurance. Come visit our website for more information.