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Compatible Devices

Any device where you can receive an email or text message has a microphone, camera, speakers, and a good internet connection. Hard wired connections are best, but a smartphone, tablet, or laptop will work if the wireless signal is strong.

Times & Appointments

You must schedule the appointment to get placed on your provider’s schedule. It would be best if you connected to the link 10 minutes before the appointment to allow you time to answer any pre-visit questions and to overcome any connection challenges that might come up.


Because health insurers are so scattered in what they will pay for televisits, we charge a $60 fee when you call to schedule the appointment. We will bill your insurance carrier and apply the payment to your copay and deductible if you are insured. If your insurer pays for all or some of the televisit, you will receive a refund of whatever amount may be due to you, if any.

Mobile Medical Care


Connect to your doctor with the convenience of home

Televisits are available to all of our established patients. We are accepting new patients at our clinics but cannot do a televisit for your first appointment. All you need to set up an appointment is your email and cell phone number on file with our office. The televisit link is sent in an email and a text message to your smartphone.

Things we can do on a televisit:

1. Annual wellness visits
2. Refills of prior prescriptions
3. Stuffy & runny nose
4. Allergies
5. Sore throat
6. Eye infections
7. Cough

8. Painful urination
9. Lower back pain
10. Joint pain or strains
11. Minor skin problems
12. Health counseling that does not require biometrics, lab samples, or hands on care


Have questions? See the dropdown below

You will receive an email and a text message within five minutes of scheduling the visit. The message will have a link that you can follow that will connect you to a virtual waiting room until your provider connects on the other end. 

The link you used to connect will remain viable until your provider ends the televisit, or an hour goes by. You can select the link again to attempt to reconnect.

If you cancel the appointment on the same day you called to make the appointment, you will receive a full refund of the $60 fee. If you cancel the appointment on any other day, the $60 fee will be placed as a credit on your patient account, to be used against a future bill.

Your $60 televisit fee paid in advance will count as a credit against the office appointment.

Your provider will call you on your phone and try to help you that way, or we will reschedule the televisit to another time.