COVID-19 Notice to our patients:

Our sympathies go out to all who are affected by the Coronavirus epidemic. As a healthcare entity, we are on the front lines of this battle. We want you to know that we are taking it seriously and have altered our workflow processes to minimize exposure for our high-risk patients and our medical staff.

To minimize your time in our waiting room we may move you immediately to an exam room upon arrival at our front desk. If there isn’t an available exam room, we may ask you to wait in your car and our staff will come get you when a room is available, or if appropriate, will render care to you while in your car.

We are taking special care to separate patients with respiratory symptoms from the rest of our patients, out of an abundance of caution while those symptoms are not yet diagnosed. Additionally, our staff is taking added steps to sanitize every room between patients.

In the spirit of social distancing, please come alone to your appointment to minimize exposure to individuals whose presence at the appointment is unnecessary.
If you think you may have the virus, or have been exposed to someone who has been tested positive for the virus, we will ask you to go to a drive through testing site and will give you directions to get there. This is for the sake of a unified national collection of data regarding the outbreak and has been requested by the governor’s office. Most health insurers are cooperating with the government to make the testing free to you.

Some promising treatments have come forward over the past few days and are being implemented as quickly as possible by the government and related health agencies. As such, we have great hope that the epidemic will shortly be under control and eventually eradicated through immunizations that are presently under development.

Your patience and help are greatly appreciated during this difficult time. Remember to wash your hands, keep your distance, and stay well!